Soft Ice Corner

Soft Ice Corner

Soft Ice Corner: More than delicious soft ice cream

Build your own ice cream corner with Nic's applicable Soft Ice Corner concept. The fresh and attractive appearance of this ice cream concept gives you a guaranteed revenue boost. The range consists of various flavors, all favored by many consumers. The range contains products by everybody's linking, without beïng overwhelming.


Soft Ice Corner offers :

  • Wide basic assortment
  • Various flavors

Soft Ice Corner will increase your turnover
Boosting your sales can be easily done with the ice cream of our Soft Ice Corner. Need help with the organization? Let us help you. Our service materials are a good sales support and give an extra boost to your sales. It offers customers quick and clear insight into the types of ice cream that you sell. Once you've caught their gaze they will not be able to ignore this delicious ice cream concept!

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