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It is no longer a trend; it is a fact. Consumers want to decide exactly what they buy; they want to make their own choices, showcase themselves and create their own unique lifestyle. Individualism is here to stay. With this item on our web page we hope to give our customers some inspiration or new ideas. 

  • Concepts

    Unprecedented taste sensations! Dreams for the palate and the eye! And for you the best revenue makers! These are the ice cream concepts of NIC. Ice cream sensations as you've never experienced before ! Exceptionally surprising and delicious combinations with special toppings , fruit,.....   

  • Pictures

    Here you will find sample images of our ice cream products. Only if you use our ice cream ingredients you may use these images for advertising purposes for personal use only. Make it easy for your customer to see the ice creams he can choose from! With these pictures you can make your own.....   

  • Video
  • Promo marketing

    A picture says more than a thousand words. And this is what you will achieve with these ice cream menus. To boost your sales we have made these menus in a way you can alter the text. Fill in your company name and or prices on the menu so that it is entirely tailored to your business.

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  • Brochure

    Here you will find our Nic brochure. But if you want to recieve one just give us a call or send us an email and we wil send you one.

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  • Serious Fun
  • Workshops

    Nic Nederland sees it as a task to inspire customers. We therefore give workshops at various times with the aim to increase your knowledge and to inspire you. In addition, we give you tips to tempt your customers to buy ice cream that generate more profit for you. Participation is free; we.....   

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