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Unprecedented taste sensations! Dreams for the palate and the eye! And for you the best revenue makers! These are the ice cream concepts of NIC. Ice cream sensations as you've never experienced before ! Exceptionally surprising and delicious combinations with special toppings , fruit, chocolate , nuts, anything goes!

Let your ice cream imagination loose with our wide variety of point of sale materials.

  • Angelo's Ice Dream

    ... Not just the dream of Angelo

    The soft ice cream "Angelo's Ice Dream" became one of our most famous ice creams brands in the last years. Of course, here's a reason why; premium quality, distinctive taste, and new products every year, that's what makes.....   Read more

  • Softice Corner

    Soft Ice Corner: More than delicious soft ice cream

    Build your own ice cream corner with Nic's applicable Soft Ice Corner concept. The fresh and attractive appearance of this ice cream concept gives you a guaranteed revenue boost. The range consists of.....   Read more

  • Bubble Waffle/Super Cone

    Bubble Waffle!

    The unique freshly baked waffle is known for its bubble structure. It originated in Hong Kong and has traveled to the Netherlands via New York and London. Nic Nederland offers everything needed for a freshly baked waffle filled with the best soft ice.....   Read more

  • Crazy Cones

    This is for the Crazy (C)ones!

    Drive your customers crazy with Crazy Cones. With insane colors and garnishes and yet very easy to make. In an instant. It shouldn't get any crazier ;-)


    Cone in raspberry red or pear green.

    .....   Read more
  • Shuffle

    Shuffle to your taste!

    Every customer is different and has its own flavor preferences. Offer your customers a simple and therefore easy way to create their own unique ice cream with the Shuffle ice cream concept. The customer can choose between no fewer than.....   Read more

  • Kids Concepts

    Kids love soft ice cream.

    Indeed, they often determine where ice cream is eaten. Its a small effort to make it more fun for them. Nic offers a large choice of special kids products and concepts. From Happy Kids boxess to Squeezy and from Cool Kids to the shake.....   Read more

  • Premium Shake

    Sensational Milkshake.

    The Premium Shake is the ultimate milkshake. Prepared in the traditional way, with a base of fresh ice cream and fresh milk. Top it with a topping of your choice and a tasty surprise ingredient with a bite. Give it all a quick.....   Read more

  • Premium Dip

    Meet Premium Dip!

    Read more
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