Quality and enviroment

Nic Nederland makes every effort to supply products of a high and stable quality. We do this not only by deploying our passion, knowledge and experience, but also by carrying out our work based on guidelines so that quality and food safety are guaranteed.

Taking care of quality and environment

Nic Nederland is BRC Agents & Brokers certified, we have achieved the AA status. We also work on the basis of the OFSS (Orkla Food Safety Standard) guideline set up by our mother company. This directive goes further than just product quality and food safety, as it also includes environmental and social objectives. This guideline relates to our activities, but also imposes the same requirements on our suppliers, which ensures guarantees throughout the entire chain. With regard to OFSS, Nic Netherlands has also achieved the highest attainable status. Because in our opinion, quality, taste, safety, the environment and social responsibility are inextricably linked.

With the products of Nic Nederland you can not only trust that you are buying a product of high quality, but also that we deliver a fair product in which people, animals and the environment are highly valued.

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