The ingredient that makes the difference

Nic Nederland offers entrepreneurs everything needed to successfully sell soft serve ice cream. We are happy to contribute to your success. With a nice range of products, but also by lasting inspiration. We have the ingredient that makes the difference.

Ice cream products of the very best quality. Nic Nederland has a wide range of products. We have the tastiest soft-serve ice cream mixes, milkshake syrups and ice cream garnishes. Nic Nederland is also the right place for ice cream dips and sales material.
Permanently inspiring. We believe it is important to continue to inspire our customers. That is why Nic Nederland develops suitable promotional materials to support you in the sale of soft serve ice cream. For example, you can use our flyers and social media posts free of charge.
More than 30 years of knowledge. Nic Nederland has more than 30 years of knowledge in the soft-serve ice cream industry. organizes workshops to familiarize entrepreneurs with soft serve ice cream. In this way we constantly help to gain even more knowledge within your field.
Surprising sales support. The Nic Netherlands team is always ready to provide you with the best possible service. Do you have questions about our products or do you need tips in the field of soft serve ice cream? We do everything we can to support you

Product news 2024
  • 60670 - Peach Milkshake Syrup
    Peach Milkshake Syrup

    Let customers enjoy with a deliciously creamy milkshake with a fruity peach flavor. This refreshing thirst quencher is the ultimate treat on...

    60670 - Peach Milkshake Syrup
    50920 - Cool Kids Box Toy
    Cool Kids Box Toy

    The Cool Kids box is packed with savings cups with a colorful print. Each box contains 6 different variants of these colorful cups. Each cup...

    50920 - Cool Kids Box Toy
  • 51755 - Red Fruit topping
    Red Fruit topping

    This topping consists of four different types of red fruit. This gives a wonderfully layered and fresh taste and provides a beautiful red-pink...

    51755 - Red Fruit topping
    24%  Ice Cream mix Powder 24% milk fat
    24% Ice Cream mix Powder 24% milk fat

    A high quality ice cream mix powder with a higher fat percentage. Conveniently packed in small 1 kilo bags. This ice cream mix guarantees a full...

    24%  Ice Cream mix Powder 24% milk fat
  • 95220-Collar Malt
    Collar Malt

    Extend your cup with this stainless steel collar malt to create a Shuffle.

    95220-Collar Malt
    82010 - O1 17% MF Ice Cream Mix Powder
    O1 Ice Cream Mix Powder 17% milk fat

    The O2 and the O1 vanilla ice cream powders together are the absolute undisputed number one of Frisiana. Made with top quality ingredients. This...

    82010 - O1 17% MF Ice Cream Mix Powder
  • 43670 - Nic Milkshakemix Liquid 2,5 % MV
    Frusco Milkshakemix Liquid 2,5 % MV

    Only the very best quality ingredients form the basis for this liquid milkshake mix. You can easily use this mix to make delicious milkshakes....

    43670 - Nic Milkshakemix Liquid 2,5 % MV
    (D)room Ice Cream Mix Powder 18% milk fat
    (D)room Ice Cream Mix Powder 18% milk fat

    With (D)ream ice cream mix you can create delicious soft ice cream with a unique whipped cream taste. Packed per 14 foil bags of 1 kilo, the mix...

    (D)room Ice Cream Mix Powder 18% milk fat

Good Choice

Good Choice Good Cho'ice: From good to better!

Angelo's Ice Dream

Angelo's Ice Dream ... Not just the dream of Angelo

Soft Ice Corner

Soft Ice Corner Soft Ice Corner: More than delicious soft ice cream
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