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Shuffle to your taste!

Every customer is different and has its own flavor preferences. Offer your customers a simple and therefore easy way to create their own unique ice cream with the Shuffle ice cream concept. The customer can choose between no fewer than 11 flavors, including popular and well-known flavors, but also new and unique flavors:

  • KitKat crunch
  • Oreo crunch
  • DAIM
  • Smarties crunch
  • Strawberry crunch 
  • Fruit crunch
  • Caramel
  • Choco Crunch
  • Strawberry Crunch

Just choose, mix and enjoy!


Do you go for the ice cream with caramel Shuffle, Shuffle Mini (small chocolate pastilles) or maybe the Shuffle Choco Crunch? It all really does not matter, because we added all these flavors to our Shuffle range. This ice cream concept consists of delicious creamy ice cream, mixed with only the finest ingredients. You can choose from no fewer than 11 differend standard Shuffles. There is something for everyone.

Expand your range right now with our Shuffle Soft ice cream. Need help with sales? That's not a problem, we're glad to help. Our range of colorful service material will ensure that customers find you. Shuffle offers great ice cream and a beautiful presentation: Succes is guaranteed!

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