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Inspiration. Creativity. Good taste. Here you will find all the brushes and colour palettes to give your ice cream customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

Product news 2021
  • 51131 - Bubble Waffle Mix
    Bubble Waffle Mix

    This bubble waffle mix is very simple to use. You only need to add water, whisk for 30 seconds and you are ready to bake delicous bubble waffles!

    51131 - Bubble Waffle Mix
    32070 - To go sundae cup lids for 150/225 ml
    To go sundae cup lids for 150/225 ml

    Take-away and delivery are more popular than ever. You can serve your customers in this with this to go sundae cup lid. The main advantages:...

    32070 - To go sundae cup lids for 150/225 ml
  • 3100 - Banoffee pearls
    Banoffee pearls

    These soft fudge-like banoffee pearls are a delicious combination of banana, cream and toffee. Ddelicious!

    3100 - Banoffee pearls
    51725 - Mochaccino topping
    Mochaccino topping

    Put mocha, coffee and cappuccino together in a bottle, then you automatically get the taste "Mochaccino". This topping gives a sensational taste...

    51725 - Mochaccino topping
  • Cheesecake Red Fruit Milkshake Syrup

    Nic's milkshake syrups are highly concentrated. You only need 4 to 5 grams per 100 ml milkshake to give your milkshake the perfect flavour. We...

    93030 - Bubble Waffle Stand
    Bubble Waffle Stand

    A handy and multifunctional 3-hole stand. To cool, fill and present the tastiest Bubble Waffles.

    93030 - Bubble Waffle Stand
  • 92116 Modular Menu Pressed Waffles Softice Corner 2021
    Modular Menu Pressed Waffles Softice Corner 2021

    Separate modular menu for the Softice Corner concept with an alternative waffle assortment.

    92116 Modular Menu Pressed Waffles Softice Corner 2021
    Compostable paper straw 21 cm x 12 mm

    Compostable straw made of paper. The straw is sturdy and provided with a layer of parchment paper so that it stays firm once in liquid and and...

Crazy Cones

This is for the Crazy (C)ones!

Angelo's Ice Dream

... Not just the dream of Angelo

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Softice Corner

Soft Ice Corner: More than delicious soft ice cream
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