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Inspiration. Creativity. Good taste. Here you will find all the brushes and colour palettes to give your ice cream customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

Product news 2019
  • Danish Mini Cup 53/39
    Danish Mini Cup 53/39

    A small cup, ideal to create a plate of small ice cream bites or tapas. You could also use them to serve a little bit of softserve ice cream and a...

    Danish Mini Cup 53/39
    Banana Ice Cream Supplement
    Banana Ice Cream Supplement

    Turn your plain vanilla soft ice cream mix into a banana flavoured ice cream with this handly little bottle!

    Banana Ice Cream Supplement
  • 37010 - Luxury Disposable Ice Cream Coupe Black 200ml
    Luxury Disposable Ice Cream Coupe Black 200ml

    Would you like to serve sundaes, but prefer not to use glass? Then this luxury disposable ice cream cup is your solution! Create the most...

    37010 - Luxury Disposable Ice Cream Coupe Black 200ml
    Black Ice Cream Cone 48/155
    Black Ice Cream Cone 48/155

    This wonderful black cone matches the today's trend perfectly, where appereance is almost just as important as flavour.

    Black Ice Cream Cone 48/155
  • 51665 - Lemon Curd Topping
    Lemon Curd Topping

    Sliky, freshly sour but also sweet. That's the best way to describe this lemoncurd topping. A British specialty which tastes wonderfull and could...

    51665 - Lemon Curd Topping
    Lotus Original Speculoos Crunch
    Lotus Original Speculoos Crunch

    The original Lotus Biscoff cookie adds a surprising and tasty crunch to your soft serve ice cream

    Lotus Original Speculoos Crunch
  • 51685 - Unicorn Gllitter Topping
    Unicorn Glitter Topping

    A bright pink colour, sprarkles and a bubble gum gum flavour, that's something your little guests will be attracted to. This unicorn glitter...

    51685 - Unicorn Gllitter Topping
    Lion® Crunch
    Lion® Crunch

    A crunchy biscuit, caramel and chocolate are the 3 main ingrdients of the famous Lion® candy bar. Ttat's what this original Lion® crunch...

    Lion® Crunch

Softice Corner

Soft Ice Corner: More than delicious soft ice cream

Bubble Waffle/Super Cone

Bubble Waffle!

Crazy Cones

This is for the Crazy (C)ones!

Angelo's Ice Dream

... Not just the dream of Angelo
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