The ingredient that makes the difference

Inspiration. Creativity. Good taste. Here you will find all the brushes and colour palettes to give your ice cream customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

Product news 2018
  • 51635 - Praline Topping
    Praline Topping

    <p>This pralin&eacute; topping is not only delicious on a Sundae ice cream. This topping also combines perfectly with our chocolate...

    51635 - Praline Topping
    CoolKids counter display 2018
    Cool Kids counter display truck

    To stimulate yor sales, we have a very pretty counter display. You can stick the cups in the holes of the display, a nice presentation is the...

    CoolKids counter display 2018
  • 81721 - Shuffle Modulaire IJskaart 2016
    Shuffle Modular Ice Cream Menu 2015

    This Shuffle modular menu gives you the opportunity to sell the shuffle creations you like. You can hook up the seperate cards easily together,...

    81721 - Shuffle Modulaire IJskaart 2016
    3040 - Salty Caramel Pearls
    Salty Caramel Pearls

    These creamy lighty salted caramel fudge pearls are a true delight on the tongue, especially in combination with ice cream

    3040 - Salty Caramel Pearls
  • 81703 - Angelo fixed menu
    Angelo Ice cream menu

    ---- Not only the dream of Angelo. This new ice cream menu display contains the complete Angelo assortment of 2017. Again it's innovative and...

    81703 - Angelo fixed menu
    91832 - Premium Shake Menu
    Premium Shake Menu

    This contemparory premium shake menu helps you to present your premium milkshakes to your customers. Fortunate sales are guaranteed. 

    91832 - Premium Shake Menu
  • 91802 - Softice Corner Modular Ice Cream Menu
    Softice Corner Modular Ice Cream Menu

    The Softice corner coencept has been re-styled completely. A fresh and modern design that fits the trends in fastfood service. If you use this...

    91802 - Softice Corner Modular Ice Cream Menu
    60540 - Rum Syrup
    Rum Syrup

    Nic's milkshake syrups are highly concentrated. You only need 4 to 4.5 grams per 100cc milkshake to give the shake the perfect taste. We have a...

    60540 - Rum Syrup

Bubble Waffle

NEW Bubble Waffle!


The best of two worlds


Tripple, thé soft ice cream trend!


Enjoy all the taste sensations!
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